How To Treat Common Sports Type Injuries

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We thought it is important to share some knowledge on how to treat the most common type of sport injuries. It is essential to know how to treat minor first aid injuries to prevent them from getting worse. It is also crucial that you have a fully equipped First Aid Kit and a  First Aider on site when performing any sports.

Sprains and Strains

RICE therapy can be used to treat mild sprains and strains.

Rest – Rest the injured part. So, it is important to avoid exercise and reduce movement of the injured part (Use crutches or sling if necessary).

Ice – Apply ice pack to the affected area. Don’t apply this directly to the skin, wrap in a tea towel or a similar material.

Comfort – use elastic bandage to reduce swelling. Crepe bandage can be used for this.

Elevate – Elevate the injured part to reduce pain and swelling.

However, if you are in any doubt whether you are treating a sprain, strain or fracture then the easiest way is to treat it as a fracture and you must call 999/112 for help.

Minor Cuts and Grazes

Any minor cuts or grazes are very easily treated. Clean the wound under running water or use sterile saline wipes from your first aid kits. Pat the wound dry and cover with a plaster or a dressing. Be sure to check for any embedded objects in the wound and seek medical help rather than attempting to remove something yourself.

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