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Sepsis is a common and potentially life threatening response to an infection or injury, resulting in widespread inflammation, swelling and blood clots which can lead onto tissue damage, organ failure and deaths. It is essential to recognise the signs and symptoms early, so that sepsis can be treated promptly.

Sepsis can be difficult to recognise at first as the more early signs are like flu or a chest infection.

What are the Signs and Symptoms to look out for?

Any Child Who:

  • Is Breathing Very Fast
  • Has A ‘Fit’ Or Convulsion
  • Looks Mottled, Bluish Or Pale
  • Is Very Lethargic or Difficult To Wake
  • Feels Abnormally Cold To Touch
  • Has A Rash Which Does Not Fade When You Press It
  • Not Feeding
  • Vomiting Repeatedly
  • Has Not Passed Urine For 12 Hours

It is important to remember that you should never wait for the rash.

If your child has one or more of these symptoms, call 999 for an ambulance and say that you are worried about Sepsis. It is important to follow your instincts and get help immediately if you are concerned. Even if you have been sent home by the hospital and things are becoming worse, go back and tell them that you are worried.

Signs and Symptoms in Adults:

  • Has Slurred Speech Or Confused
  • Extreme Shivering or Muscle Pain
  • Passing No Urine (In A Day)
  • Severe Breathlessness
  • It Feels Like Your Going To Die
  • Skin Mottled Or Discoloured

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