Should First Aid be Taught in Schools?

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Here at FM Training we believe that first aid training should be added into the school curriculum so that more people are able to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations. Some schools have been able to add this into their teaching but with the curriculum already very full and budgets limited it is often sadly excluded.

Simon Gillespie, Chief Executive of the British Heart Foundation has reported that “lives are needlessly lost to cardiac arrests every day because not enough people have the skills or confidence to perform CPR. But the simple measure of teaching all children these skills could save thousands of lives. All parties should now follow this example and commit to making CPR an integral part of every child’s education.”

These vital lifesaving skills are regularly taught in schools in Norway and Seattle and the survival rates for Cardiac Arrest in these communities is much higher than the UK because bystanders are more likely to help, and they know what to do.

We think that it is therefore vital that we equip more people with the essential knowledge and skills in providing immediate first aid with confidence.

Following on from the Manchester terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert last May it was found that members of the public tried to help casualties but lacked the requisite skills. This again highlights the importance of learning vital life saving skills, as you never know where and when you may be required to use these skills and it is vitally important to know how to act promptly and effectively.

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