Would you be able to recognise the signs of a stroke?

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A stroke is a disturbance to the blood flow of the brain caused by a blockage or bleed in one of the blood vessels supplying the brain.

It’s vital to know how to spot the warning signs of a stroke in yourself or someone else.

It’s a medical emergency which requires immediate medical attention. Time is critical.

What you are looking for:

  • Face – Can they smile? Has their face fallen on one side?
  • Arms – Can they raise both arms and keep them there, or does one arm fall?
  • Speech – Is their speech slurred? Can they repeat a phrase you give them? Can they speak clearly and understand what you say?
  • Time – if you see any of these three signs, it’s time to call 999/112
    • Unequal pupils
    • Sudden memory loss or confusion
    • A sudden, severe headache
    • Sudden dizziness, unsteadiness or a sudden fall

Any stroke like symptoms should be taken seriously, and you must call 999/112 immediately. The quicker you act, the better the chance of recovery.

Below is a Video on the FAST test:

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Be prepared to save a life.

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